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A historic opportunity to end breast cancer as we know it.

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A breast cancer vaccine for everyone, now!

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  • For the first time in history, scientists believe we have the technology to end breast cancer.

  • We have safe, tested and proven vaccines in early trial stages.

  • We hope to shorten the time it takes to bring these to market by 25 years or more.

  • We are bringing together American’s top scientists to collaborate on ideas and trials..

  • By providing the needed infrastructure, people and resources, we can end breast cancer as we know it.

We are at a tipping point in the battle against breast cancer.
The time is now.


The Pink Eraser Project Alliance includes:



Government Agencies

Worldwide Supporters

Survivors Around the Globe

The Scientists

The Pink Eraser Project Science Team includes:

  • Vaccine and immunotherapy experts

  • Pharmaceutical and biotech partners

  • Hospitals

  • Universities

  • Medical Centers

Dr. Nora Disis

Lead Scientist

UW/CVI Director

American Cancer Society Clinical Research Professor.

Editor-in-Chief for JAMA Oncology

You've heard the heartbreaking statistics

Every 14 seconds, someone is diagnosed with breast cancer.

In the US this year, more than 43,000 will die from breast cancer.

One in eight women in the US will develop breast cancer in her lifetime. 

What if we could enable a person's body to naturally fight off cancer?
(We're almost there--the time is now)

What will it take to make this happen?

It takes the team.
It takes money.
It used to take lots of time...but no longer.

The time is now.

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